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Invasive & Non-Invasive


FEI’s in-house thermal imaging services employ infrared technology for analysis of building surfaces and components, including roofs and walls.

Thermal imaging is conducted at night to detect thermal anomalies; it does not detect the presence of moisture. Once an anomaly is identified, invasive analysis is typically required to determine actual presence of moisture.


Sometimes, it is necessary to disassemble completed assemblies to accurately assess modes of failure, extent of damage, actual construction, condition of materials, etc.

Whenever possible, non-invasive methods are utilized prior to invasive testing to minimize the amount of deconstruction necessary.


Nuclear moisture testing utilizes regulated and licensed equipment to accurately assess quantities of moisture within absorptive building materials. This technique has been successfully utilized to assess the moisture content of existing roofing materials prior to roofing replacement. This assessment provides a basis for determining if existing materials can be utilized in new roofing systems.