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Prioritizing maintenance items allows our clients to forecast and plan for improvements, and recognizes the challenge of working within client-specified constraints.

Our Strategic Maintenance Programming Development System (SMPDS) prioritizes maintenance efforts by using client-defined importance factors. The system can be used for portions of individual structures or applied to complete multi-national organizations. Example factors are:

  • Effects on EVA, ROI, RONA
  • Cash flow
  • Utility cost reduction
  • Organizational Culture
  • Employee sensitivity for disruption
  • Organizational history and public image
  • Appearance and aesthetics
  • Organizational perceptions while work is being performed
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Operational importance and liability
  • Environmental sustainability

FEI tailors asset management to client needs. Delivery methods include simple, written reports and three-ring binders to interactive, web-based programs.

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