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In recognition that a sound building envelope is important to the comfort, health, and safety of its occupants, we are committed to providing services that complement those of your mechanical and environmental specialists.

We are analysts, specifiers, and designers of waterproofing systems employing technical information from FM Global, Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), ASHRAE, ASTM, ANSI, Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), and Federal Specifications (FS).

Our assessments of roofing, walls, and landscape create a solid foundation for maintenance management planning & budgeting.

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Surgical Corridor Leak Investigation

Client: Maas Bothers Construction, Inc.
Location: Watertown Memorial Hospital, Watertown, WI
Completed: 2013
FEI Services: Investigation

FEI was retained by Maas Brothers construction to evaluate and diagnosis persistent cold-weather leakage at a recently completed surgical corridor. This corridor, located within the new surgery addition at Watertown Regional Medical Center, is a medically clean environment and could not be contaminated by construction activities or leakage from the exterior.
Using extensive WUFI hygrothermal analysis, field investigation, and original design review, FEI designed a repair solution that alleviated the leak condition while allowing uninterrupted use of the facility.

  • Surgical Corridor Leak Investigation
  • Surgical Corridor Leak Investigation
  • Surgical Corridor Leak Investigation
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