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In recognition that a sound building envelope is important to the comfort, health, and safety of its occupants, we are committed to providing services that complement those of your mechanical and environmental specialists.

We are analysts, specifiers, and designers of waterproofing systems employing technical information from FM Global, Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), ASHRAE, ASTM, ANSI, Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), and Federal Specifications (FS).

Our assessments of roofing, walls, and landscape create a solid foundation for maintenance management planning & budgeting.

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Grand River Station Consultation

Client: Gorman & Company
Location: La Crosse, WI
Completed: 2012
FEI Services: Investigation

Grand River Station development consists of mixed-use facilities, including public and private users. Its architecture complements downtown La Crosse; its situation benefits the city’s core with living and transportation accomodations. New-construction detailing was scrutinized by all: architect, owner/manager, and FEI. Particularly, fenestration connections were critical, with windows garnering the most attention. Developing interfacing that functions with the building envelope weather-resistive barrier created challenges at numerous planned changes in surface planes. Grand River Station is an example of elevated-performance because the design and construction teams cared.
  • Grand River Station Consultation
  • Grand River Station Consultation
  • Grand River Station Consultation
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