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514 Division Street Envelope Assessment

Client: Schoep’s Ice Cream Company, Inc.
Location: Madison, WI
Completed: July 2010
FEI Services: Investigation 
Contractor: Cubic Wall Systems, Inc.

In the history of Schoep’s original building inventory rests numerous endeavors aimed at perpetuating the functionality of these structures, both internally and externally. Over-cladding was one example of these endeavors; exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) cladding covered an aging insulated-panel assembly. The result was an embellished insulated wall containing an inadvertent vapor barrier. The science of the wall section was reclassified.

In a similar vein, the roofing system alterations over time affected the performance of not only the roof but the walls, too. For the freezers, the effects were dramatic. What FEI found was a building shell slowly transforming into an igloo.

Schoep’s seized the moment to update roofing and cladding and to proceed with the replacement of one structure which they had been planning. Crisis averted. Down-time was minimal since another newer facility of Schoep’s was on-line. Schoep’s remains a staple in Madison, continuing to foster good will and good food.

  • 514 Division Street Envelope Assessment
  • 514 Division Street Envelope Assessment
  • 514 Division Street Envelope Assessment
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