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Wilderness Resort Cladding Consultation

Wilderness Hotel & Resort, Inc. proposed that reviewing these buildings from the exterior vantage provided them a leg-up on maintaining their building assets. The architect couldn’t agree more.

514 Division Street Envelope Assessment

In the history of Schoep’s original building inventory rests numerous endeavors aimed at perpetuating the functionality of these structures, both internally and externally. Over-cladding was one example of these endeavors; exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) cladding covered an aging insulated-panel assembly. The result was an embellished insulated wall containing an inadvertent vapor barrier. The science of the wall section was reclassified.

Stoughton High School Wall Repair

Stoughton Area School District maintenance planning observed declining conditions surrounding the pre-cast concrete walls surrounding the high school field house. A study by FEI ensued. FEI determined cracking inherent to fabrication, exacerbated by our climate’s influence, produced irreversible effects. This rendered the wall panels subject to ultimate failure should action be postponed.