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Did you know that the appropriate application of preservation and rehabilitation techniques may lead to more cost effective, durable, sustainable and energy affective solutions for Historic Structures?

Did you know that according to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, historic windows are on the most endangered list? Did you know that replacement windows systems are typically not tested for durability?

We have extensive experience in condition assessment and maintenance planning of historic windows, doors, masonry, woodwork, roofing and ornamental metals. Additionally, we often consult with experienced tradesman within a given specialty throughout the process in insure manageable and working solutions.

Given an accurate condition assessment and understanding your expectations, we can help develop solutions to help meet not only your needs, but the needs of the governing authorities such as a Landmarks Commission or Historical Society.

Facility Engineering, Inc is an award winning firm for our work with historic structures.

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St. Bernard’s Catholic Church

Client: St. Bernard’s Catholic Church
Location: Watertown, WI
Completed: 2012
FEI Service: Design, and Construction Administration
Langer Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc.

St. Bernard’s Catholic Parish in Watertown, WI needed to replace their roof and repair their spire.  They retained FEI to complete an initial assessment of the church roof, spire, and related masonry. There was much disrepair; in some cases, the needs were dire.

The information and recommendations obtained were used to support a capitol fund raising campaign and was successful in raising over $1.5 M in funds.  Working with the parish, FEI developed a restoration / rehabilitation design implementing historically accurate materials and techniques while meeting their aesthetic and performance directives.

FEI provided construction administration and quality assurance services during construction.  Located at the main intersection of Watertown, WI, the work site was very confined and utilized scaffolding in excess of 210 feet in height. The work restored or otherwise rehabilitated all surfaces of the spire and the church roof, including masonry and (original) historic decorative metals.

  • St. Bernard’s Catholic Church
  • St. Bernard’s Catholic Church
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