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A contributing factor to a building’s environment is the influence from at-grade, or below-grade moisture migration.

We are adept at thermal and moisture protection of subsurface spaces. This includes proper design of the built-environment with the collaboration of other experts in site planning.

Consider our assistance when planning your pavement, foundation, plaza deck, or below grade parking structure rehabilitation projects.

Our assessments of walls, waterproofing, landscape, and their respective materials create a solid foundation for maintenance management planning & budgeting.

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District Pavement Repairs 2012

Client: School District of Monroe
Location: Monroe, WI
Completed: 2012
Cost: $5,750.00
FEI Services: Analysis, Design, and Construction Administration
Contractor: Poblocki Paving Corporation

FEI provided RFP composition and minimal construction administration, including observation, for scheduled asphalt pavement repairs at Abraham Lincoln, Northside, and Parkside Elementary Schools. This consisted of bituminous (parking lot) rehabilitation and associated landscape restoration.

  • District Pavement Repairs 2012
  • District Pavement Repairs 2012
  • District Pavement Repairs 2012
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