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Truax West Lot Rehabilitation

Client: Madison College
Location: Madison, WI
Completed: 2011
Cost: $22,052.30
FEI Services: Analysis, Design, Construction Administration
Contractor: Tri-County Paving, Inc., Sunbird, Inc.

Madison College is a ... Their Campus at Madison, also known as Truax, is the primary site for academic, athletic, and civic congregation. As such, the parking and related roadways amount to __ square yards of asphaltic concrete pavement.
FEI determined the necessity of rehabilitation and outlined all requirements for the work, including labor, materials, and equipment necessary to replace selected pavement areas, with alternate bids requested for A.) additional asphalt pavement replacement; B.) selected concrete curb/gutter replacement; and C.) localized landscape repairs.

FEI provided development of pavement system and landscape design, bidding / construction documents, bidding support services, and construction administration. Finally, FEI observed the work at intervals necessary to assure consistent quality along with conformance. Ongoing inspections are performed by FEI at intervals aimed at prescribing appropriate maintenance in efforts to avoid major repair/replacement.

  • Truax West Lot Rehabilitation
  • Truax West Lot Rehabilitation
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