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We recognize the challenges each church faces regarding their facilities. It is not uncommon that resources are prioritized for the bigger mission, neglecting the needs of property, usually a congregation’s largest material asset.

As well-intended stewards of these material assets, a Church often lacks the time and/or the knowledge in order to adequately plan short and long term maintenance needs. Without proactive, clear focus of these needs, decision-making can be challenging and the effective use of financial resources can suffer.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver this focus to our clients through:

  • Collaboration, clear communication, and strong commitment to understand the needs of the congregation.
  • Technically expert, independent and unbiased assessments and solutions allowing confident presentation of sometimes complex or contentious issues by leadership to the congregation.
  • Exploration and presentation of multiple possibilities in order to allow flexible decision-making.
  • Positioning the congregation leaders to effectively manage the implementation of maintenance activities by use of in-house talent or contracting.