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I Have a Leak!

What do I do NOW?

Give us a call! At Facility Engineering Inc, we specialize in diagnosing leaks and breaches in the building envelope. We can assess your problem areas and help to steer you towards a solution.

Why call FEI?

FEI has the knowledge required to diagnose your leak or breach as well as extensive experience with the repairs that you may need, regardless of the cause.

Why distinguish between a leak and a breach? A leak is a condition where moisture enters a structure at a known location. A breach is a condition where moisture enters a structure at an unknown location.

Contractors are often called to diagnose and repair a leak. However, leaks and breaches can be difficult to diagnose given the nature of an integrated building envelope. These conditions involve two or more dissimilar systems such as roofing and masonry. Because of this, the contractor often determines that the leak or breach is not within their trade. Worse, a finger-pointing contest may begin with multiple contractors and trades blaming each other for the problem.

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