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About Us

About Us

Since 1996, Facility Engineering, Inc. has provided professional, licensed and insured analysis and design services to individuals and organizations seeking solutions to their building envelope alteration and improvement needs. We developed from years of laboratory and field analytical expertise a regimen of diverse design applications.

Our Specialty...

Our specialty is consulting with building owners and managers as well as other design professionals about thermal and moisture protection considerations for their existing or new construction.

The Building Envelope and Exterior Building System technology is what we choose to emphasize.

Our Philosophy...

Our business and professional philosophy is to provide to our clients a source of information that is technically expert and unbiased. For this reason, we share no affiliation with contractors or materials manufacturers. This allows us to remain accountable to the client alone.

Our Promise...

The inevitable aging and subsequent rehabilitation of building envelope components is something that every facility manager faces at some point.

Our promise is to assist our clients to successfully maintain their building assets by providing managed solutions and strategies for exterior maintenance requirements.

Our Experience...

Facility Engineering, Inc. utilizes the most advanced technologies and standards in its studies. As a result of our commitment to complete professional service, we enjoy positive project experience with the following:

Government / Public Works

Industrial & Manufacturing

Educational Institutions

Historical Preservation

Commercial Properties

Property Management